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Coming 2019.

The Sage & EDjr Show is our first original web comic series created by the same guys behind the hit series Technology Showdown and the upcoming fan-made web comic series Adventures from the Jackbox.

The web comic series stars Sage & EDjr, two unlikely friends on mischievous adventures in the animated world! Along the way, they'll come across some familiar faces: Jack and his sidekick The Super Star, Luna Rosa, and Sage's arch-nemesis, Kage.

As of right now, the series is in early pre-production, and won't be done until later in 2019. We plan to premiere it alongside Adventures from the Jackbox as a double feature when the first episode rolls out. We can't wait to show you more of this series as development progresses!

About the Characters



The main protagionist of the series. He's an intelligent and kind person to hang around with, always helping others whenever they need it. However, he sometimes has trouble whenever he's in a very unlikely situation.



If you're looking for a crazy yet fun guy (get it?) to hang around with, EDjr is for you. He is Sage's friend, and is usually the one who gets into all kinds of trouble. Oh, and if he gets too crazy, he'll turn into some form that looked like he was in a Ren and Stimpy cartoon!


Jack and the Super Star

Jack is your ordinary calm yet bold person, always looking for adventure.

His mute, but bright partner, The Super Star, originally came from another dimension in space, before he crash-landed on earth and met Jack as a youngling.


Luna Rosa

The geeky girl you'd like to hang out with. She's really into cats and video games, but what she's really into is finding the portal to a secret land that we shall dare not mention...



A master scientist and Sage's arch-nemesis. While he is as intelligent as him, he's also quite a boastful person, wanting all the fame and fortune for his accomplishments.

More to come soon...


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